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What kind of sites use unlimited hosting?

As promised in my last blog post, I said we would get into the types of web sites that generally make up the majority of which that are hosted on a server that offers unlimited web hosting packages.

Why is this important? Performance.

At GlowHost we are unique in the fact that we offer both traditional (disk space and bandwidth limited) shared hosting packages alongside our unlimited hosting packages. This is often a source of great confusion for many new web hosting customers, so lets look at how the type of server that you choose can directly impact the performance of your web site.
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Get Reliable and Affordable Dedicated Servers from GlowHost Web Hosting Services

Are you ready for a dedicated server hosting solution? When your business begins to take off and your website traffic starts to increase or when you find that you need a lot more space for forums and shopping carts than what your shared hosting account can offer, you are definitely ready to move to a dedicated server. But not just any dedicated server will do. You need a dedicated server backed by reliable, top-notch dedicated server hosting from a leading hosting provider.

Nothing can be more irritating to your website’s visitors and potential customers than not being able to access your site because there is not enough bandwidth. Limited server resources such as bandwidth, storage space, and memory can affect your customers’ experience and eventually lead to lost sales. So how do you avoid frustrating your visitors and potential customers? You get a dedicated server hosting solution from GlowHost. Our powerful and reliable dedicated servers add bandwidth, storage, and security to your online business website so your customers can access your website and purchase more products and services.

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