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What kind of sites use unlimited hosting?

As promised in my last blog post, I said we would get into the types of web sites that generally make up the majority of which that are hosted on a server that offers unlimited web hosting packages.

Why is this important? Performance.

At GlowHost we are unique in the fact that we offer both traditional (disk space and bandwidth limited) shared hosting packages alongside our unlimited hosting packages. This is often a source of great confusion for many new web hosting customers, so lets look at how the type of server that you choose can directly impact the performance of your web site.
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Whats the best type of hosting package at GlowHost?

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This is a common question we get asked all the time here at GlowHost.

Let me start off by saying, Unlimited Hosting plans are NOT the best…at least if we are talking about performance. If we are talking about price, then it could be argued that unlimited has a fair shot at the title of “best hosting.”

“Well, how could it be?” one might ask. People often think to themselves, “I see a low-price package with unlimited disk space and unlimited domains, what could possibly be better? After all, those other shared web hosting packages cost more, and have limitations on disk space and bandwidth.”

Lets pretend that you wanted to buy a value meal at your favorite burger joint. You were looking at the menu and saw that they sold value meals for what appeared to be very similar burgers, fries, and a cola, yet they offered these meal deals at 2 different prices.  The sign says: “Special! $2.99 for a burger, fries and cola.”  You look at the menu again and see another special which costs $4.99, but you notice that the more expensive meal looks a little smaller, in fact, it is only a quarter-pound of “all beef goodness” when the $2.99 burger is the clear winner with the half-pound gut-buster.

After repeatedly shopping at the same burger joint for some period of time, you decide to splurge a little bit and try the more expensive burger. “Wow! This is yummy!” you think to yourself, “I wonder what is different?” So you ask the cashier for their nutritional information card (because that’s what we all do when we eat fast food). After inspecting the ingredients, you realize that the $2.99 gut buster is made with “Meat Product” which by law is only required to be 45% REAL meat.

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