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Data Backups and You

If a disaster were to happen, do you know where your data backup is? Our datacenters are equipped with advanced protection equipment including high security and fire prevention and suppression. Unfortunately, you still have to expect the unexpected and that’s why making sure you have backups of your data is of utmost importance.

While GlowHost takes backups daily and weekly of our shared servers,Data Backup is Crucial it’s highly recommended that you have multiple copies of your data in various geographical locations. Please understand, however, that web hosting companies do not guarantee backups nor that the backups will be available. Generally our backups are for internal purposes only and you can’t always be sure that we will have the backup you need. Keeping this in mind, you have your data on your server with GlowHost and the hard drive fails on that server. You still have a copy on a flash drive at home, right? Great! What happens if you plug in that flash drive and it’s corrupted? Not so great. Sure all this is theoretical, but this is where an off-site backup service comes in.

Backup Services

GlowHost offers multiple backup restoration services to protect you in the event of such a catastrophe. Continue reading