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Change PHP Versions in cPanel

So you have a fantastic idea for a website. You pick out the PHP script you want to use, install it on your website, and then you discover the version of PHP the script is coded in is different from the one that your host supports. When this occurs, it’s possible some or all features won’t work. “No problem,” you think. “I’ll just contact support, they’ll fix it. I only need to change PHP versions.” You open a ticket to support only to be told “Sorry, you are on a shared server. If we change the PHP version it changes for everyone and will break everyone else’s scripts.” What a waste of time, money and effort. Now your confidence is knocked, and you are not sure your idea was such a good one after all.Don't fret over having to change PHP versions!

Well, don’t despair! Your idea is an exceptional one, and GlowHost is here to tell you how you can fix this minor quandary with just a few clicks.

The answer is PHP Selector. With PHP Selector, you can instantly change PHP versions right from your control panel. Because of some high caliber tweaks behind the scenes, our servers are some of the only ones on the planet as of this writing that allow the switching of the PHP version on your account without affecting other users on the server. We imagine eventually that this may become the norm, but our early adoption and innovation is one of the things that sets GlowHost apart from the rest of the pack. After all – who doesn’t need to change PHP versions every once in a while?

PHP Selector comes standard on your GlowHost web hosting account. Crisis averted!

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Benefits of Selecting a Web Host

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If you have a business, you have probably realized how valuable a website is in today’s world. As you prepare to create a website for your company, you also need to decide on a web host. There are several benefits to selecting a web host over trying to manage your website in-house.

Biggest bang for your buck

Selecting a web host like GlowHost allows you to concentrate your capital on your most pressing business needs. First of all, if you hire a web host, you don’t have to shell out the dough for servers. Your web host provides the servers, so you can use your capital to take care of your primary business needs. You also get a predictable monthly cost for web hosting services. If you are running your own server, you have to budget for any possible mishaps and repairs. Putting this kind of liquid capital out of use for most business would be unheard of and harmful. You definitely get the biggest bang for your buck by selecting a web host.

Helps you extend your resources

Selecting a web host will also allows you to extend your resources as much as possible. You won’t have to pay extra IT employees to manage and maintain the server. For the most part, a server would run well, however, for that random time when your server crashes at 3 AM, if you don’t have someone on hand to fix it, your website won’t work. Wouldn’t you rather hire a web host like us to handle server mishaps? If you hire a good web host like GlowHost, when there is a problem with the server, it is almost always fixed before you even notice. You are also able to take advantage of all the new technologies without having to spend man hours or money to train. Your web host trains their own employees on how to utilize the hottest new technologies, and then they offer it to you. You can use your capital on more immediate business matters such as inventory, promotions, or advertising.

Helps you manage risk

Selecting a web host will help you manage risk within your business. Since you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts on a server, you could use some of that money to store away for unexpected emergencies. Having an excellent web host also just about guarantees you will always stay online. There are (supposed to be) experts running maintenance checks on our servers at a web host, and if anything goes wrong, there is someone ready to do the necessary repairs and get your website up and running as quickly as possible. At GlowHost we have those guys working 24/7/365 including holidays to make sure that happens. A web hosting service also allows you to make changes as your business grows. You might sell a product that has overnight success, and your bandwidth allotment might go from a small amount to an extremely large amount. If you have web hosting service from GlowHost, it can be as simple as calling your new favorite web host and requesting an upgrade, or even simpler, use live chat or a support ticket. You can also add new technologies without much trouble as your company grows. The flexibility of what a web hosting service like ours can do will benefit your company greatly.

If you haven’t learned by now, you NEED a web hosting service. Why not try GlowHost? We’ve been in the business since 2002 and have excellent reviews online. Selecting a web host like ours will benefit your company in many ways in which you don’t want to miss.