Change PHP Versions in cPanel

So you have a fantastic idea for a website. You pick out the PHP script you want to use, install it on your website, and then you discover the version of PHP the script is coded in is different from the one that your host supports. When this occurs, it’s possible some or all features won’t work. “No problem,” you think. “I’ll just contact support, they’ll fix it. I only need to change PHP versions.” You open a ticket to support only to be told “Sorry, you are on a shared server. If we change the PHP version it changes for everyone and will break everyone else’s scripts.” What a waste of time, money and effort. Now your confidence is knocked, and you are not sure your idea was such a good one after all.Don't fret over having to change PHP versions!

Well, don’t despair! Your idea is an exceptional one, and GlowHost is here to tell you how you can fix this minor quandary with just a few clicks.

The answer is PHP Selector. With PHP Selector, you can instantly change PHP versions right from your control panel. Because of some high caliber tweaks behind the scenes, our servers are some of the only ones on the planet as of this writing that allow the switching of the PHP version on your account without affecting other users on the server. We imagine eventually that this may become the norm, but our early adoption and innovation is one of the things that sets GlowHost apart from the rest of the pack. After all – who doesn’t need to change PHP versions every once in a while?

PHP Selector comes standard on your GlowHost web hosting account. Crisis averted!

How easy is it to change PHP versions in cPanel?

First, you need to login to your cPanel. If you are not sure how to do that, refer to your welcome email or contact support. Once you have logged in, look for the PHP icons. In particular, you are looking for the one that says “Change PHP Version.” Now, all we need to do is select the version we want from the list and click the “Set as current” button.

PHP Version Selector

Bam! That’s all there is to it. No hoops to jump through, no waiting around, no hassle.

“So, why are there different versions of PHP, and why would it break my code?” – Ah well, it’s a little like the evolution of man. Technology is constantly evolving. With each new version comes new features, functions and abilities. However, it’s not just about making things bigger, better and more fancy. What about those good ol’ nasty bugs? Well, newer versions of software often include fixes and patches to combat the holes and exploitation that are found in previous versions.

GlowHost always recommends that you keep your scripts and code up-to-date. Most software developers and vendors will release new versions of the software that is compatible with the latest version of PHP. Not only that, but they will fix their own software with updates, new features, and bug fixes so it is always very important to keep up-to-date.

If you should keep updated with the latest and greatest, why even have PHP Selector? Good question. In simple terms, not all developers will update their software immediately, or they may have even stopped development on their software all-together. As new versions of PHP are released, it can depreciate functions that are used in those scripts, breaking them. Simply put, PHP Selector is there for compatibility.

Now you can go and grab that extra cup of coffee and bacon sandwich. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Enjoy a job well done with GlowHostHere at GlowHost, we live, breathe and eat web hosting! We won’t keep you waiting around at our helpdesk like those other guys, either. We’ll respond to you in 20 minutes or less, day or night, 4th July or Christmas.

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