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Are you ready for a dedicated server hosting solution? When your business begins to take off and your website traffic starts to increase or when you find that you need a lot more space for forums and shopping carts than what your shared hosting account can offer, you are definitely ready to move to a dedicated server. But not just any dedicated server will do. You need a dedicated server backed by reliable, top-notch dedicated server hosting from a leading hosting provider.

Nothing can be more irritating to your website’s visitors and potential customers than not being able to access your site because there is not enough bandwidth. Limited server resources such as bandwidth, storage space, and memory can affect your customers’ experience and eventually lead to lost sales. So how do you avoid frustrating your visitors and potential customers? You get a dedicated server hosting solution from GlowHost. Our powerful and reliable dedicated servers add bandwidth, storage, and security to your online business website so your customers can access your website and purchase more products and services.

The best in dedicated server hosting solutions by GlowHost

When you choose a dedicated server hosting solution from GlowHost, you get a web server devoted exclusively to your website or web application. GlowHost’s dedicated servers are designed to offer you more power, better reliability, greater security, and exclusive use of system and network resources. All GlowHost dedicated servers are completely customizable to suit the specific needs of your business. The storage, RAM, processing power, and operating system can be custom tailored to meet your exact requirements.

At GlowHost, we have dedicated servers that cater to every need and every budget. Take a look at the dedicated server solutions available at GlowHost.

  • Fully managed dedicated servers. With the latest in dedicated server technology and a wide variety of unique features, our fully managed dedicated servers take the headache out of server management and free you to focus on running your online business.
  • Managed PCI compliant dedicated servers. At GlowHost you get a turn-key solution for PCI compliant hosting. Our industry-leading managed PCI compliant dedicated servers come with unlimited support. You also get our unconditional guarantee that you pass the preliminary PCI compliance scan and pass all required subsequent PCI scans as long as you host with GlowHost.
  • Unlimited transfer dedicated servers. GlowHost offers unlimited transfer dedicated server hosting packages with no “per gigabyte” transfer limits for high volume websites. Choose a port speed that accommodates your needs so you never need to watch your bandwidth meter again.
  • Unmanaged dedicated servers. With GlowHost’s unmanaged dedicated server hosting solutions you get complete control over your server without the added costs of server management. Our unmanaged servers come with remote reboot and KVM over IP and provide you with full remote server administration capability and freedom.
  • Custom dedicated servers. GlowHost can customize a dedicated server solution based on your personal preferences. For example, if you need RAID setups, hotswap, or non-hostswap hardware including RAID 5, RAID 10, and RAID 0+1, we have a customized dedicated server solution for you.

So, are you ready to step up and move to dedicated server hosting at GlowHost? With a variety of dedicated servers and dedicated server plans, GlowHost has the right solution for your business.

Easily upgrade to dedicated server hosting with GlowHost today

At GlowHost we are committed to providing the best uptime, network speed, reliability, and performance at the best possible price. Whether you run a large e-commerce website or need extra security for your web-based applications, dedicated server hosting with GlowHost is the right solution for you. When you choose GlowHost as your dedicated server hosting provider, you can quickly upgrade to dedicated server hosting. With GlowHost, the upgrade process is fast, easy, and guaranteed. Try us today.

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