GlowHost Offers SSL Certificates to Help E-Commerce Site Owners Increase Customer Confidence and Boost Sales

If you are wondering how to inspire trust in your e-commerce store and give your customers the confidence they need to purchase your products and services online, wonder no more with highly encrypted SSL Certificates from GlowHost. GlowHost offers 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates that can help alleviate customer anxieties about online fraud and foster customer confidence in your website and company.

With SSL Certificates from GlowHost you can secure the most sensitive information and assure customers that your website is safe to buy from, especially when you display the SSL Certificate seal on your website. Stop losing customer orders due to fear of fraud. Instead, order an SSL Certificate from GlowHost that delivers the trust factor required to enhance customer confidence and increase sales.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and encrypts all information moving to and from your website. SSL Certificates help protect confidential information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and addresses that customers enter on your website. This means that no data exchanged between your website and customers can be intercepted by a third party, regardless of whether your customer is placing an order or just signing up for a newsletter.

To obtain an SSL certificate, you must generate and submit a request to a trusted certificate signing authority, such as GlowHost, which will verify your company’s identity and domain registration ownership. Then you will be issued a unique certificate containing your company’s information that you can install on your website. Your customers will see a “lock” icon they can click on to verify that your website is protected using a highly encrypted SSL Certificate.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate from GlowHost?

When potential customers visit your website, you only have a few seconds to establish trust and credibility. With concerns about identity theft and online fraud, how can you convince visitors that your website should be trusted?

By displaying the GlowHost SSL seal (SSL secure image) on your website, you are showing customers that their confidential information is secure when submitted to your website. One of the most trusted marks on the Internet, the SSL seal helps assure customers that your website is legitimate, giving them the confidence that they can safely enter their information when they shop on your website.

Utilizing GlowHost’s SSL Certificates increases customer trust and confidence in your company and offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition and boost your website’s sales. And you have a significant competitive advantage over other e-businesses when your website displays an SSL Certificate “lock” icon in your visitors’ browser window title bar. Make sure your website is fully protected with a 256-bit, highly encrypted SSL Certificate from GlowHost to ensure customers confidence.

In addition, high quality SSL Certificates are much more affordable with GlowHost than with other SSL Certificate providers. In fact, as a GlowHost customer, we offer highly encrypted 256-bit SSL Certificates from COMODO at no charge to you on select GlowHost web hosting plans. GlowHost strongly recommends an SSL certificate to be used by every e-commerce website. As an e-commerce website owner, you cannot afford to lose your customers to the competition. Order an SSL Certificate from GlowHost today and start driving up your conversion rates and increasing your revenue.

Order your SSL Certificate from GlowHost today and give customers the confidence they need to buy

Start generating more traffic to your website by allowing your e-business to appear more legitimate with an SSL Certificate from GlowHost. And GlowHost SSL Certificates also generate more traffic, which translates to higher conversion rates. And higher conversion rates means an increase in revenue. Remember you could qualify for free installation of your highly encrypted, 256-bit SSL Certificate with select GlowHost web hosting plans.

GlowHost also offers three types of SSL Certificates depending on the volume your e-commerce website receives. GlowHost SSL Certificates are also free with certain web hosting plans or start at a nominal $49/year to protect your website from data thieves.

Sign up today to begin generating more traffic and boosting sales through enhanced customer confidence and enjoy the benefits of increased website security by ordering an SSL Certificate from GlowHost today. Visit GlowHost’s SSL Certificates page to learn how you can start protecting your website and customers today.