GlowHost Sponsors HostReview’s Annual Awards Nomination 2010 – Nominate us Today, Win an iPod Touch!

Are you ready to nominate and vote GlowHost as your favorite web hosting company? GlowHost is proud to sponsor’s fifth “Best of the Year Awards” with the opening of nominations for the Readers’ Choice Awards 2010. The Annual Web Hosting Awards is a chance for web hosting companies to receive acclaim as an innovator, be recognized by industry peers and customers, and be honored as a leader with outstanding contribution to the industry. We think we meet the criteria, but we want to know what you think.

The entry for the 2010 competition opened November 15th, allowing HostReview’s website visitors to nominate their favorite hosting providers for the Readers’ Choice Award 2010. Now it’s your turn to nominate GlowHost, plus you can win a new iPod Touch. All GlowHost customers or anyone who loves us are now invited to nominate GlowHost (you love us, right?) for the Readers’ Choice Award by visiting

First you nominate and then you vote

Between November 15th and December 15, 2010 decide which company you think is the most influential and state-of-the-art hosting provider that deserves admiration and recognition by nominating your favorite hosting provider (that’s us, right?) using a simple submission form at It only takes a few seconds, plus there’s a great prize up for grabs.

After nominees are entered, voting begins starting on December 16th. Cast your vote for GlowHost (vote for us, will you?) through January 16, 2011. In a month-long voting period you will have your say and a chance to select the top 10 best web hosting companies of 2010. To cast your vote, all you will have to do is choose your favorite company (GlowHost, nominate us first!) from the nominees list and submit your favorite company (that’s us, right?) to make your vote count. The Annual Awards will culminate with the announcement of the Top 10 Best Companies on January 17, 2011.

Ready for your chance to win an iPod Touch?

Awards aside, we thought it would be a great idea to give away the latest iPod Touch. The HostReview Readers’ Choice Award is one of the most prestigious and exciting competitions in the industry. So what better way to celebrate than to give away a cool iPod Touch. The award is a perfect reflection of GlowHost’s vision – to excel in the web hosting industry by providing rock-solid, professional web hosting services and custom solutions to fit each of our clients’ needs.

Take part in the competition, nominate and vote GlowHost as your favorite hosting provider, and you could win your very own iPod Touch. Wouldn’t that be cool? We think so. Nominating and voting is open to everyone so encourage your friends and family to nominate and cast a vote for us too.

Anyone who nominates us for the Readers’ Choice Award and then casts a vote for us will be entered into the drawing with the chance to win a Black iPod Touch 8GB. The winner will be announced by HostReview in January 2011.

Why nominate/vote for GlowHost for the Readers’ Choice Award 2010?

If you’re not familiar with GlowHost, we specialize in providing extremely robust, reliable, and affordable web hosting solutions for individuals, businesses, and mission-critical enterprise hosting operations. We offer a wide range of hosting services including shared web hosting, Unlimited Everything!tm hosting, reseller web hosting, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and our full line of specialty web hosting, designed to fit any budget. All of our hosting services are backed by a 99.99% or greater uptime, 60 day money-back guarantee, and fast and friendly 24/7/365 support by helpdesk, Live Chat, or phone.

Visit today to learn more about GlowHost and nominate us for the Readers’ Choice Award 2010 at