Getting to Know Shared Web Hosting and Semi-Dedicated Server Hosting

At GlowHost, we often get asked, “What is the difference between your shared hosting plans and semi-dedicated server hosting plans?” Now is the perfect time to write a blog entry to help our current and prospective customers understand the differences between our shared hosting plans and semi-dedicated server hosting plans. And I would like to introduce why GlowHost semi-dedicated servers are the best in the industry.

Semi-dedicated server hosting vs. shared web hosting

Semi-dedicated server hosting is very similar to shared web hosting. In fact, a semi-dedicated server behaves like a shared server in the sense that multiple accounts are on the same server with other users. But the difference, compared to conventional shared hosting, is that with semi-dedicated hosting, there are fewer accounts per server. Since each account only gets a percentage of the total server resources, you can enjoy the reliability and performance of a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost.

Semi-dedicated servers from GlowHost are the perfect solution for customers who have outgrown their standard shared web hosting plan but do not have the budget yet for a fully managed dedicated server or for customers who do not have the technical knowledge required to maintain their own dedicated server. Our semi-dedicated servers bridge the gap between shared web hosting and full-fledged dedicated server hosting. Moving to semi-dedicated hosting is an excellent transition before moving to your own dedicated server.

Why semi-dedicated server hosting from GlowHost?

We are experts at providing semi-dedicated hosting services. In fact, we have been building, maintaining, and providing semi-dedicated hosting services for years. So when you signup or move to GlowHost semi-dedicated hosting services, you will experience the following great benefits.

1.      Performance – Each GlowHost semi-dedicated server has a maximum of 30 slices, meaning if each website is assigned one slice, there will be a maximum of 30 sites per server. However, there can be fewer sites per server depending on how many slices are purchased by a single customer. Each slice account is limited to 1 domain to ensure your site can fully utilize the resources that come with your semi-dedicated hosting plan. With fewer accounts competing for server resources, you will benefit from increased server performance, faster load times, and quicker database access.

2.      Site management – GlowHost semi-dedicated server hosting plans give you access to cPanel control panel so you can manage your websites and hosting account. With cPanel installed on your semi-dedicated server hosting plan, you can perform almost all of your site management tasks through a simple web interface including creating email accounts, setting up databases, uploading and download files, and installing scripts to enhance your website’s functionality.

3.      Tech support and server management – By using GlowHost semi-dedicated hosting services, you get the same tech support as you would when you purchase one of our dedicated servers. Our technical support team will take care of your server by tweaking everything exactly to your liking. You will then be able to get on with the day-to-day tasks of running your website without having to manage, maintain, and update the server yourself.

4.      Lower costs – Since you are sharing the server with several other customers, we are able to split the cost of the server between server users. As a result, you receive competitive prices for all GlowHost semi-dedicated server hosting services.

There are many other benefits available with GlowHost semi-dedicated server hosting services and I will cover those in future blog posts. So if you have outgrown your shared web hosting account or you are ready to move to a semi-dedicated server hosting plan, make GlowHost your first choice.

Get started with GlowHost semi-dedicated server hosting services today

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