GlowHost Shared Web Hosting Services

We sell a lot of shared web hosting to customers around the world. In fact, shared web hosting is our top seller. One of the most frequently asked questions is “Which shared hosting package is right for me?” That’s a great question so I would like to answer that in today’s blog post. We offer three types of shared web hosting packages: Budget Shared Web Hosting, Advanced Shared Web Hosting, and Professional Shared Web Hosting. Each one is configured with specific options and pricing based on what customers typically need and use with their shared web hosting account.

Understanding server loading and how many accounts are on your server

Before we get into the specifics of each GlowHost shared web hosting package, first you need to understand that each type of shared web hosting service is hosted on a server with other web hosting accounts. But one unique aspect to our shared web hosting services is that each type of shared web hosting package is hosted on servers that are limited to the number of hosting accounts we’ll host on them. The fewer the hosting accounts on a server, the more performance, security, and reliability you get with that particular server. On the other hand, the more hosting accounts we host on a server, you may experience a decrease in performance, security, and reliability.

Now don’t get me wrong, GlowHost servers are still high performance, very secure, and extremely reliable. However, regardless of how well our servers are designed and configured, the more accounts we host on a server, the more that particular server’s performance will be affected. Essentially, you are sharing the server’s resources with other shared web hosting accounts. So the fewer hosting accounts you have to share with on a server, the more server resources your website has access to at any time, thereby increasing your website’s performance.

Budget Shared Web Hosting Packages: Lower price, more disk space and bandwidth

GlowHost Budget Shared Web Hosting packages are the least expensive plans we offer in our line of shared web hosting services. You get unlimited domain hosting with each account and we start you with a minimum of 2.5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth, or transfer. Do note that Budget Shared Web Hosting packages are not intended for hosting resellers.

Our Budget Shared Web Hosting packages come with a 60 day FREE trial of Constant Contact for those of you wanting to do your own email marketing campaigns. We also throw in a free SSL Certificate for secure online ordering and our Budget 4 Star shared web hosting packages come with a free merchant account, a free account for credit card processing, and instant server backups. All Budget Shared Web Hosting packages also come with a 99% uptime guarantee.

Advanced Shared Web Hosting Packages: More server resources

GlowHost Advanced Shared Web Hosting packages give you the same disk space and bandwidth as our Budget Shared Web Hosting packages, but offer a higher uptime guarantee at 99.5% and more performance. All Advanced Shared Web Hosting packages come with a free account, merchant account, and nightly backups along with a private SSL Certificate. Plus you get unlimited email accounts.

Professional Shared Web Hosting Packages: Most reliable, higher performance, faster speeds

GlowHost Professional Shared Web Hosting packages are perfect for site owners who demand the most reliable hosting available in a shared environment. When you demand reliability, speed, and performance from your shared web hosting account, our Professional Shared Web Hosting packages are exactly what you need. Our Professional grade web hosting servers have 75% fewer domains per server than our Budget hosting servers, and 50% less than our Advanced servers.

As a result, you get more resources and less chance of another website affecting your site’s performance. Based on our years of shared web hosting experience, most websites will never come close to exceeding the resource limits available with GlowHost Professional Shared Web Hosting packages. And they come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

You also get plenty of extras with your GlowHost shared web hosting account

Every shared web hosting plan comes with Softaculous, Soholaunch Web Site Builder, a 99% or greater uptime, and a free domain for life. Want a free vBulletin license and installation? Some of our shared web hosting packages come with a FREE vBulletin license and we’ll even install it for you – FREE! All are backed by our 24x7x365 technical support team available by helpdesk, Live Chat, or phone. If you need more disk space and bandwidth than what we provide with the Budget, Advanced, and Professional Shared Web Hosting accounts, try our Unlimited Everything!tm hosting and experience even more performance at a low price.

Get started with GlowHost shared web hosting services today

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