Does SEO Work? The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

SEO HostingFor anybody who uses a web hosting plan, attracting visitors to your website is probably among the most important of your day-to-day tasks. Whether you are running the online branch of your business, trying to attract visitors to your sponsored blog, or simply looking to maximize the number of people who read your written content, capturing the attention of Internet users is a difficult, but vital task.

One of the most common places to begin is the world of search engine optimization, or SEO. The theory is simple: optimize the pages of your website to achieve a high ranking position on major search engines such as Google, and your visitor numbers will skyrocket. But in practice, great SEO is only part of the picture, and just one aspect of achieving the traffic you are looking for.

GlowHost has tailored every one of our web hosting services to make it easier for you to attract visitors with SEO and – more importantly –keep them coming back for more high-quality content. To help you make the most of your shared hosting, cloud virtual dedicated server hosting (VDS), or dedicated server hosting plan, we offer a range of web hosting features for SEO and attracting more traffic.

How GlowHost web hosting plans make attractive and optimized content easy

Website hosting users who struggle with SEO are not having difficulties due to a lack of available information on SEO. However, although search engine optimization is one of the most popular topics on the Web, it is difficult to find helpful information that gets right to the point. Worse, since major search engines like Google are highly secretive about the algorithm and processes they use to rank pages, finding accurate information is increasingly difficult.

In essence, there are three significant elements of search engine optimization that will always apply to the content you deploy on your web hosting service, regardless of how search engine crawlers change their behavior. First, you must integrate into your content the kinds of search terms, or keywords, that users are searching for. Next, you should ensure that your content is formatted clearly and that every page is coded to the highest standards.

At GlowHost, we provide web hosting plan features to help you achieve these search engine optimization basics quickly and easily. Every shared hosting service user can use the Soholaunch Website Builder to deploy a cleanly coded website, adding customized – and optimized– content without having to hand-code from scratch. Alternatively, high-quality websites can be made in minutes using our automated Softaculous script installer to launch WordPress, Joomla, or another content management system for your hosting service.

What is more important: SEO or creating quality content?

The good news is that using just these built-in hosting features, getting started with an optimized site is effortless. The bad news is, once you have your optimized website online, the hard work begins!

With increasing volumes of competing web content, and only a basic level of optimization coming as standard with most web hosting plans, it is now necessary to do more in order to attract customers and achieve a high search engine rank. Where SEO was once an advanced set of techniques to trick the search engines, it is now a basic level of compliancy. Search engines cannot be tricked; your website will only hit its targets if you manage an entire campaign of great content that earns the attention of the Internet.

At GlowHost, we understand that our shared hosting, VDS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting customers have their work cut out for them when it comes to promoting their websites. That’s why every one of our web hosting plans comes with an uptime guarantee, automatic script installers, and a convenient control panel to make administration easy. GlowHost web hosting solutions cannot generate your content for you – but they are designed to get out of the way to let you focus on creating quality content that sells.

How do you go about promoting your web presence to attract visitors? Do you think that search engine optimization is still a significant factor in online marketing? What are your favorite GlowHost features for writing and implementing content?

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