How to Increase Website Traffic by Creating Sticky Content

Increase Website TrafficSince we’re in the business of supplying high-quality shared web hosting, cloud virtual dedicated server hosting, and dedicated server solutions, it’s no surprise that the GlowHost team gets a lot of queries from customers who need extra help in growing their website. In our last blog post, we talked about search engine optimization (SEO) and attracting visitors to your website. But how can you make these visitors come back regularly? How can you turn a one-time visitor into a long-term prospect for revenue?

The ultimate online goal for any small to medium-sized business must be to build a community of potential customers that takes an active interest in the products and services you offer. Your visitors demand more than just a catalogue of products; it is your responsibility to use your web hosting service to its full capabilities, implementing a range of interactive content that keeps customers coming back.

Web hosting plans from GlowHost include a number of different features to help you create “sticky” content, affordably and quickly. We’ve designed every one of our hosting solutions with flexibility in mind, and whether you are an expert developer or a complete novice, GlowHost web hosting services can launch your online community and keep your visitors satisfied over the coming years.

Launch sticky content with built-in web hosting plan features

Sticky content describes a wide range of web content that businesses and individuals launch on their websites to encourage return visits. Maximizing your online revenue and return on investment (ROI) requires a hosting provider that supports this kind of content.

The most commonly used example of sticky content is interactive communication, a category which includes discussion forums and chat rooms where visitors can discuss your products and services. Every type of web hosting plan offered by GlowHost, from shared hosting to cloud VDS hosting, includes automated script installers that can get these kinds of features up and running on your website in minutes. However, any experienced webmaster will know that building a community takes far more than offering the relevant tools to your visitors.

In practice, communities grow and flourish based on subject matter. If you want your customers to start talking to each other, give them something to talk about! You can achieve this in several ways. First, take on an active role within your own website community, sharing your expertise with potential customers. For example, at GlowHost, we are widely recognized as experts in the field of web hosting. Through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our blog and discussion forums, we share our insights on web hosting with our existing customers and website visitors alike.

In addition, look for new ways to provoke discussion by posting regularly updated content. Ultimately, the stickiest content is new content and the best conversations often come as the result of blogging or releasing articles on topics relevant to your customers.

Give your customers a reason to check your site often and watch as your visitors grow into an active and exciting community.

Is your web hosting plan ready to support a community?

So the goal is simple: attract lots of visitors, and build them into an interested and engaged community of followers. Eventually, with a number of repeat visitors, you just might be able to transform some of them into paying customers.

GlowHost web hosting solutions guarantee that your web presence is ready to grow. We offer high-availability, highly reliable, and consistently responsive shared hosting, VDS hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans that can cope with growth in traffic. The ability of our plans to scale with traffic will keep your visitors happy, provide a positive visitor experience, and give visitors yet another reason to come back to your site.

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