Three Things You Can Do to Make More Money from Reseller Web Hosting

Whether you are a freelance web designer offering web hosting to your customers as a value-added service, or you are simply hoping to generate extra income selling web hosting services, one thing is fairly certain: when it comes to reseller hosting, your goal is to make money. The problem is that every other reseller has the same goal. Without an existing reputation or a large marketing budget, how can you hope to achieve success as a web host?

We’ve put together a list of three useful reseller hosting tips, each of which will help guarantee more interest in your hosting services, more sales and – most importantly – higher profits.

Distinguish your reseller web hosting plans

Do you remember when you first started searching the web for reseller hosting services? There are lots of web hosting providers, all offering similar services. However, GlowHost reseller plans are unique, offering a lower price point, more generous allocations, and a number of free, value-added features. By offering something different and more comprehensive, GlowHost continues to grow year-after-year – that’s what being original can do for you, too.

Despite the benefits of offering plans with distinctive features, it’s surprising how few web hosting resellers look for ways to make their hosting services unique. Standing out from the crowd is of great importance if you hope to attract customers, and there are many ways you can distinguish yourself. Why not offer a hosting service for the complete novice, like a “Getting Started” hosting plan? How about a hosting plan designed for bloggers? Or, maybe a plan geared toward businesses in your local area? There are many ways to avoid being yet another cookie-cutter hosting site. Pick one and run with it.

Target your market with the right web hosting advertising

Although there are many ways to make your web hosting service unique, your most important distinction as a reseller hosting user is your preferred customer, or target market. By figuring out how to create a tailor-made service that suits the needs of a certain group, you won’t need to become the best host in the business – you can just work to become the best host in your niche.

But even if you offer a specialty hosting service, customers will not start placing orders unless you promote your hosting services to them specifically. For example, if your niche is local businesses, an advertisement in your local newspaper might be a better choice of strategy than using Google AdWords. Whatever the specific content and medium of your advertising, always think about how your message will reach your target customers – after all, these are the people most likely to give you their money.

Always add value to your reseller web hosting services

Finally, consider the things you can do to make your website hosting plans more than just web space. At GlowHost, every reseller hosting service plan includes a professional website template, more than 1,000 brandable support videos, and a variety of convenient administration tools as standard. In addition, GlowHost draws on years of experience to guarantee uptime and reliability across all services.

If you have experience or expertise in web hosting, web design, advertising, or any other niche, make sure your potential customers learn this when they arrive at your homepage. However much you distinguish your plans and target your audience, the biggest selling point of any hosting service is your expertise and how you use it to help your customers grow.

Share your tips for great reseller hosting success

Now that we’ve outlined the basic reseller tips, we would love to hear about your own reseller hosting success strategies. How have you advertised your web hosting business online? What great tips do you have for those just getting started with reseller hosting?

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