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Three Things You Can Do to Make More Money from Reseller Web Hosting

Whether you are a freelance web designer offering web hosting to your customers as a value-added service, or you are simply hoping to generate extra income selling web hosting services, one thing is fairly certain: when it comes to reseller hosting, your goal is to make money. The problem is that every other reseller has the same goal. Without an existing reputation or a large marketing budget, how can you hope to achieve success as a web host?

We’ve put together a list of three useful reseller hosting tips, each of which will help guarantee more interest in your hosting services, more sales and – most importantly – higher profits.

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Generate Additional Income with GlowHost’s Reseller Hosting Services

Are you ready to start earning money as a web hosting reseller? Want to start your own web hosting business? GlowHost offers a variety of solid, reliable reseller hosting services at competitive rates to suit every need and budget to help you generate additional income with your own web hosting business. Complete with the industry leading cPanel reseller control panel, numerous additional features and private-label interfaces, GlowHost reseller hosting packages are built on our popular shared hosting services with complete customizability and an increased quantity of disk space and bandwidth.

At GlowHost we offer you an affordable way to get into the web hosting industry. With one of our reseller hosting plans you can start generating a steady income online by selling hosting services to your own customers. And you get to keep 100% of the money you make – of course that’s after you pay your affordable reseller hosting plan fee. And GlowHost reseller hosting service provides you with many of the same functions as a dedicated server such as automated security updates, patches and similar server uptime expectations, but without the price of a dedicated server. All these functions are included in your regular monthly fee.

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