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The Business Benefits of Google’s SSL Push

Google and HTTPS encryption

SSL is the Twenty-First Century’s answer to digital spies and their evolving strategies. SSL encryption essentially assists in keeping spies and hackers from breaching in to a website. It doesn’t matter if the source is a teenager hiding in a basement, or an NSA technician spying for the government.  Unfortunately, Google has been having problems with their security lately. Even though the issues have been patched and the company continues moving forward, they now expect the websites they index in their search engine to assist in contributing to security. Continue reading

Multiple Domain SEO – Good or Bad?

Nowadays we see a situation when business site owners own multiple domains for the same business instead of having one sole domain for their website. This brings up a valid and good question: multiple domain SEO – good or bad?

There is no single answer as to whether it is good or bad in respect to SEO, however, professional SEO managers are quite skeptical about increasing their number of domains under one business umbrella.

Why do companies buy multiple domains for their business?

There are a couple common reasons why this is done:

  1. A company purchases combinations of the company name and different domain suffixes in bulk to protect its web traffic, brand name, SEO, and business positioning from supposed rivalry of the same-named or similarly named businesses or competition. This is done in an attempt to secure their web site’s traffic from unwanted business competition.
  2. A company aiming to reach the top of the search lists will use frequently searched word combinations as a basis for the domain name. For example, if you are selling grass seeds you may use as your primary domain, and may buy such domains as,, and many other combinations. What type of grass we are discussing here, we will leave to your imagination.

What is bad about it?

The idea of running several domains as mentioned above would suggest increased site traffic and better ranking results. Nevertheless, the mentioned approaches are not as efficient as it may seem for the following reasons: Continue reading