GlowHost’s Exclusive Hosting Solutions for Developers

At GlowHost we offer a wide range of hosting services including a variety of special web hosting features tailored to meet the exact needs of each individual customer. Whether you need hosting for a personal blog, an e-commerce website, or a streaming media application, we’ve got you covered.

We also understand that when it comes to hosting, web developers have needs too. We know that as a web developer you require more functionality, attention to detail, and specialization. That’s why at GlowHost we offer comprehensive software support and special development features to fulfill your application’s requirements and enable you to deliver your web development projects in a consistent and successful way.

If you are a web developer looking to expand your online offerings, GlowHost has the right hosting solution for you. Our developer hosting services offer everything you need to get your Ruby on Rails, PHP, or MySQL driven website online quickly.

A variety of flexible hosting solutions for developers from GlowHost

GlowHost offers web developers high quality PHP 4, PHP 5, MySQL 5, and Ruby on Rails (ROR) hosting solutions. Our servers are configured for maximum performance and reliability of your PHP or ROR-based applications. Of course, we understand that not every developer has the same hosting needs. That is why we offer a variety of web hosting options and special development features to cater to a variety of needs. For example, we provide the following hosting plans specific to your needs:

  • Shared hosting plans and reseller hosting plans for new developers and resellers. PHP 5, MySQL 5, and Ruby on Rails are available on all shared and reseller web servers. As a web developer you can offer PHP 5 or MySQL 5 web hosting to your customers at no additional charge. And we offer PHP 5.2 or higher and MySQL 4.1, available on our dedicated servers and VPS servers.
  • VPS hosting plans for developers who need more flexibility and power. All new VPS servers at GlowHost come with PHP 5 pre-installed. And MySQL 5 as well as MySQL 4.1 are also available on our VPS servers.
  • Managed hosting plans for enterprise-class developers who need full control without server maintenance concerns. PHP 5, MySQL 5, and Ruby on Rails are available on our managed dedicated servers. If you are using MySQL 4.1, we recommend updating to MySQL 5 as soon as possible as it is typically a seamless update.

GlowHost’s web development hosting services are designed to be secure, reliable, and accessible as you develop your applications. We provide a developer-friendly environment, support for the latest technologies, and quality customer service so you can focus on development and deployment of your applications without having to worry about any hosting-related issues.

Expand your online offerings with GlowHost’s web development hosting services

Build your web presence and drive demand for your web development solutions by exposing your services to thousands of customers. With GlowHost hosting services for web developers you get access to all the tools, features, and resources you need to develop powerful and effective applications to help you drive new business opportunities and extend your online reach.

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