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GlowHost Lamborghini @ HostingCon: Behind The Scenes!

We all miss the HostingCon that took place in Miami. It was super fun! GlowHost offered a free Lamborghini taxi service service for our VIP clients and pals alike. Let me tell ya, there’s truly nothing quite like rolling downtown Miami in a Lamborghini Aventador with your company’s name emblazoned all over it.

The funny thing is, a lot of people compliment me on how realistic the “photoshop” job on the car looks. “It’s almost like real” they say. When I try to convince them it actually is real, I usually have to back it up and send them this post to prove it.

So now it is time to share the process of how we transformed a rather dull orange Lamborghini Aventador into a fully customized and beautifully exotic GlowHost whip.GlowHost Lamborghini

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