Pros and Cons of Parallax Scrolling Websites

Websites sure have changed over the years. Now, the average internet user is more picky and demanding than ever before. We are accustomed to beautiful graphics, high-resolution images and sophisticated designer approaches. Thus, in order to succeed in gaining maximum attention, website creators come up with refined visual and technical tricks aimed to attract website visitors. One of these tricks is called Parallax Scrolling.

Parallax Scrolling: Basics

Parallax Scrolling is a recently presented technique which allows the creation of extremely engaging and popping websites. It is a graphical effect that takes place when background images in perspective are moving slower than the elements located in the foreground scene giving the user a sense of depth and motion. The technique was created in 2011 with engagement of HTML5 and CSS3. This method has also been used in video gaming for quite some time.


While ordinary websites consist of numerous pages, in a Parallax design everything can be found in one modern, beautifully organized page. Navigation in Parallax websites, apart from scrolling down the page, can also be achieved by clicking on links distributed along the site. The links will then automatically shift you through the page to the section you requested.

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax technology is successful in the sphere of design because it makes sites look creative, modern, and cool. This effect can be implemented in numerous ways based on the designer’s personal tastes and imagination. So what are the main benefits of this technology?


  • First of all, Parallax Scrolling can liven up a site which doesn’t contain a lot of information. Floating images will significantly freshen up and enrich the appearance of a flat page making it vivid and catchy.
  • Another important feature is that interactive design leads to great public engagement compared to ordinary websites. It’s always better if it looks cool, right?
  • Thanks to the Parallax technique a company can create a clean and inviting information route and lead visitors through it with beauty and style.
  • An appealing design shows results of longer visitor time on the website. Thus, the overall website traffic also increases.
  • The Parallax effect is applicable not only for two-dimensional effect creation. It can be also used for adding different effects to the page such as icon moving, icon enlargement and minimization based on scrolling.

Disadvantages of Parallax Scrolling Websites

From the visual point of view, Parallax has great advantages compared to conventional website structures. At the same time, if we take a technical side some difficulties may appear.

  • It’s excessive embedding into the code can significantly weigh upon website usability for some users and cause decreased site search conversion rates.
  • High “weight” of pages coming from several layers and animations can significantly increase load times.
  • Parallax Scrolling is not as perfect in mobile versions. It sometimes makes the website too heavy to be downloaded immediately.
  • Last but not least: some people simply don’t find long-scrolling pages appealing.

Even though this effect has become extremely popular lately, it is still not that frequently used. Such technique is not required for all websites, however, it is a good way for creative minds to express their devotion and favor to a beautiful design trend.

And now, take a look at a few more beautiful examples of parallax websites!

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