How to Generate more Traffic to your Website

Simply building a website on the latest technology platform on top of a clever URL and implementing great design features doesn’t mean your site will get instant traffic. Generating web traffic and drawing visitors to your website is an organic process that takes time, effort, and a commitment to making your website a useful destination for visitors. This process doesn’t necessarily involve hiring an expensive marketing agency to create a steady flow of traffic to your website. There are a number of simple traffic generation techniques, which if followed, will help you achieve a high rate of traffic without spending a fortune. Here are some common traffic generation techniques that you can consider using for your website.

Optimize your website.

The first thing to do to start generating web traffic is to learn what search engines are looking for when indexing websites and tweaking your site to suit their requirements. Start by creating a list of keyword phrases that you think your prospects would type in search engines to find your products and services. The more relevant the keywords, the more traffic you are likely to get. Once the best keyword phrases relating to your business have been chosen, run them through a quality analysis tool such as WordTracker or the Google keyword tool to see what the volume of search activity is and find alternative phrasing to add to your list.

For best traffic results, use your keyword phrases in the domain name, page names, hyperlinks, Meta tags, and Alt tags.

Create content regularly.

Creating quality content that is updated regularly is one of the best ways to drive consistent traffic to your website. You should strive to add new, keyword-rich content to your site every day. Google’s algorithms will notice and so will your website visitors. If you’re trying to sell something, it helps if you have content relating to the specific product or service that you are selling. Make sure the content you create is useful and offers your prospects the information they need to achieve a goal or solve a problem. If you don’t have time to generate content regularly, consider creating a forum or a discussion board on your website or putting up a guest book or comment field for visitors to fill out.

Get your website listed in search engines and directories.

Submit your website to as many search engines and web directories as possible. The more places your site is listed in, the better search engine rankings you will get and the more website traffic you will generate.

Exchange links with other websites.

As part of your traffic generating efforts you will need to create links to complimentary websites and have these websites create links to your site.  Links from other sites to yours are crucial if you want to get traffic from the major search engines. The incoming links tell search engines that your website is trusted and is a good resource for specific products or services. Links you create with other websites will lead to clicks onto your website and help you boost your search engine rankings.

Participate in social media.

Social media networks such as FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, and others play a major role in generating large amounts of targeted traffic to a website. Choose a social media network that your company will focus its efforts on and be consistent in posting and participating. Provide useful resources and write posts about things that your prospects are interested in and people who like your posts may make their way over to your website. You can also have your posts and updates automatically appear on your website.


Advertising is an effective and affordable way to generate more website traffic. There are many great advertising solutions available today. Google AdWords is one of the best and, if done well, can produce a lot of targeted traffic to your site.

Measure your results using web analytics software.

Use web statistics tools to stay informed about whether or not your traffic generation efforts are producing results. As a GlowHost customer you can take advantage of AWStats and Webalizer web analytics tools integrated into the cPanel control panel on your hosting account. These tools are great in helping you determine what is working and what isn’t and what areas you need to focus on to keep the web traffic flowing and growing.

However you choose to drive more traffic to your site, you can be confident that with GlowHost’s professional web hosting services, your web presence is ready to handle new visitors. Our powerful and reliable shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and new cloud hosting services are built with the goal of helping your business grow.

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