How Small Businesses Can Prosper In The Cloud

Cloud hosting is the great equalizer. Finally, your small business can access the resources, services, and software it needs to compete with bigger brands and enjoy rapid growth. No more living in the shadow of more established corporations. Thanks to cloud hosting, you can watch your small business grow rapidly.

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Don’t just take our word for it – check out our informative, inspiring graphic, How Small Businesses Can Prosper In The Cloud. Covering every major use of cloud web hosting and the incredible benefits of working ‘in the cloud,’ this useful image tells you everything you need to know to give your small business the chance to compete with just about anyone.

Check out this cool graphic that illustrates how small business can prosper in the cloud. Click on the image to your right.

Why small businesses are increasing profit with cloud hosting

When your small business is struggling to compete against larger companies, it is easy to lose sight of the unique strengths that you have. Putting the cloud aside for a moment, small businesses thrive based on their flexibility, their ability to make vast changes quickly, and their capability to minimize costs.

By taking 5 minutes to look at our latest graphic, you will learn how Software as a Service (SaaS) can boost profitability by 30% while keeping your mission-critical data safer than ever. In addition, you will find out how successful businesses are saving millions of dollars across four years thanks to virtualization and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Once you have seen for yourself how the power of cloud hosting can boost small business, use our convenient checklist to choose the best cloud hosting provider for you. Of course we want you to choose GlowHost. We are experts at cloud hosting. Whether you are looking to handle accounts online or support employees who work remotely, use our quick and easy tips to get your business ‘in the cloud’ now.

Small business cloud hosting services from GlowHost

A market leader in the field of cloud web hosting, GlowHost can provide your small business with a highly reliable, easily scalable, and easy to manage cloud hosting solution. Each of our cloud hosting plans are available for immediate provision, designed to let you start increasing your revenue right now.

Even better, GlowHost cloud hosting services come complete with 24/7/365 customer support, no activation fees and a staggering 99.999% uptime guarantee. Give your small business the advantage it needs today with a cloud hosting service from GlowHost.

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