GlowHost Offers Free McAfee Security Upgrade

GlowHost now offers a free McAfee Security UpgradeFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
GlowHost Offers Free McAfee Security Upgrade

McAfee Secure Trustmark now available on all hosting packages

STUART, FLORIDA – GlowHost declares that, starting this week, they are providing a free McAfee Security upgrade in all tiers of service. This offer is available to both new and existing customers and is completely optional and customizable.

GlowHost customers can access the McAfee Secure Trustmark from their control panel and turn it on or off at any time. Also, they may choose to display it’s marker on any website page,” according to company CEO Matt Lundstrom.

In addition, Lundstrom emphasized, “safety is a huge concern for our customers and their site visitors. The McAfee Secure Trustmark shows visitors the site is safe and therefore, engagement increases.”

The presence of the McAfee Secure Trustmark leads to a level of confidence which is imperative on the sites dealing regularly with sensitive customer information, in particular, ecommerce sites or those having to do with financial transactions on-site.”

“Customers need to be assured that whenever there is a “buy” button, their data is safe.” Lundstrom continued, “the Trustmark icon adds to deeper confidence which result to increased revenues because there’s lower incidence of cart abandonments.”

The McAfee Secure Trustmark carries out daily and weekly scans to identify more than 12,000 known vulnerabilities. This is done remotely and once the client’s website is McAfee certified, only then will the Trustmark icon be displayed. That McAfee icon on the site guarantees that the site is secure.

Since its start in 1987, McAfee has grown to become the world’s biggest committed security organization and has been a standout amongst the most trusted names in Internet security for over two decades. The addition of this newest and most potent suite of security applications is making GlowHost an avant garde in web hosting.

“Furthermore,” Lundstrom added, “ at GlowHost, we realize the great value of the McAfee Security Trustmark hence we made it a point to offer this free McAfee Security upgrade across the board at no extra cost. Meanwhile, if you check our competitors, you will see that they offer it as a premium upgrade.”

We encourage those who want to know more about the McAfee Secure Trustmark or those who want to get top notch web hosting with GlowHost to contact customer support at their helpdesk.

“Our customers think some of the big players in web hosting look like neophytes when compared to GlowHost, and you will experience why once you join us,” according to Lundstrom. “Tell your family and friends that GlowHost offers the free McAfee Security upgrade.”

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