GlowHost Goes Green with Green Web Hosting Services

Have you done your part today to help save our planet? At GlowHost, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint with our environmentally friendly Green Web hosting services. We could give you dozens of reasons to sign up with GlowHost, but one of the top reasons you should select GlowHost as your web hosting provider is that we have taken the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint, making it easier for you to do your part and host with a web hosting provider that cares about fresh air and a beautiful planet.

All GlowHost web hosting is green

Whether you want shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, or specialty web hosting, it’s all green. In fact, all GlowHost web hosting is green. Everything is as green as possible and we are always looking for ways to improve in this area. Here’s what we’ve done to ensure a greener planet.

The GlowHost offices are green

Our offices where we handle support, billing, and all our back office items are also providing more solutions to be green. We took Green Web Hosting a step further by going paperless, purchasing solar-generated electricity, and we utilize recycling stations throughout our offices. Just about everything we do is electronic, saving thousands of trees that would otherwise be used for paper.

The GlowHost datacenters are green

We couldn’t stop with our corporate office. Our datacenters are outfitted with several options that make the facilities green. They have an advanced heat pumping system that recycles warm air from the data center and we use it to heat employee occupied space during the winter months.  Instead of using chemicals to treat city water supplies, our facility uses well water. Well water is used for cooling towers which reduces electricity used to pump water to the facility and eliminates harmful chemicals normally used to treat city water supplies.

The facilities are also undergoing LEED certification which is a Green Building Rating System. That means the building your servers are housed in is designed to improve energy savings, improve indoor environmental quality, reduce emissions, improve water efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and increase stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. For more information on LEED certification and the Green Building Rating System, visit

And of course we use recycling stations throughout the facilities where possible. Any materials that can be recycled are put in our recycling stations including packaging for new computer systems as well as old computer hardware components.

Are you ready for Green Web Hosting?

All you have to do is signup for any GlowHost web hosting services and you are automatically enrolled in our green initiative. Customers tell us all the time how happy they are to be doing their part in any way possible to help the environment. What better way to reduce carbon footprint and be part of a greener planet than using a web hosting company that’s already done all the homework, purchased energy credits, and does everything we can to provide 100% Green Web Hosting services? Going green with GlowHost’s Green Web Hosting is one more reason you should signup today. Take a few minutes and browse the GlowHost website, review our web hosting plans, and get started with your own Green Web Hosting account.

Get started today with Green Web Hosting from GlowHost

Learn more about GlowHost Green Web hosting or contact a GlowHost representative today to learn how you can save our precious planet by reducing your carbon footprint.