Domain Backordering


Imagine you’ve found the perfect domain name. It’s catchy. It’s fun. It’s easy to remember. Unfortunately, it’s also taken. So long as the current user continues to renew, the domain is off the table. However, many websites fail or the users simply move on to new pursuits. Just think of the all the blogs, forums, gaming sites, and business pages that have disappeared over the years. The problem is that you have no idea when or if the domain will become available. Fortunately, your domain registration company may offer domain backordering services. Domain backordering allows potential buyers to put money down now for the chance to purchase the domain name in the future.

How Domain Backordering Works

Think of domain backordering as trying to secure your dream rental property. The rental property represents your desired domain. Another party owns the domain you want, and it is theirs so long as they continue to pay the annual fee. You really want that domain, though, and you’re willing to wait. However, other potential buyers are also interested in the domain. You want to make sure that when the property becomes available, you’re at the head of the line.

By giving a domain registration company a service fee and the amount it would cost to register the domain, you hire a watch dog to babysit the domain for you. You obviously can’t sit staring at your monitor until the domain becomes available. Domain backordering allows you to continue with your regular business while someone else keeps an eye on your desired domain. The moment the name becomes available, the domain registration company can register the domain in your name.

Of course, neither you nor the domain registration company know when or if the domain will become available. This is why most domain registration companies offer refunds in case you choose to give up on your desired domain. Many domains, such as those belonging to major corporations, will probably never become available, but you can still backorder those domain names. If you choose to use the money for something else, you can request a refund, and nearly all domain registration companies offer a full refund.

What to Look For

It’s a good idea to balance the services of a domain registration company with their prices. Keep your eyes peeled for cheap domain registration services, as they not only offer the best deals, but often have the most experience. The more experience, the more likely the service will be the first to jump on expired domains. Cheap domain registration services also make domain backordering more affordable. Some providers charge fees for backordering, but even if there is a fee, the low cost of registering the domain should balance it out.

You may not be able to get your perfect domain today, but it’s easy to stake your claim and enjoy some peace of mind while you wait. Domain backordering allows you to prepare for the future without gambling with your investment. Planning ahead is the best way to achieve any goal, and that has never been easier.