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GlowHost Employee Divulges Insider Information

The other day I was reading through the normal 500-1000 emails that I get every day (no joke), and came across one that I have never seen the likes of before.GlowHost Insider

This email came from one of my team members, and he said he had a review of GlowHost, but he did not know where or how to post it.

When I heard this, I immediately assumed that a customer had taken the time to review GlowHost, and I suggested to this team member that he contact this customer to thank them for taking the time to review us, and to also ask the customer if they wouldn’t mind posting their review on an appropriate site where members of the general public could read it. You see, our customers often send in some sort of testimonial at our helpdesk or via email, but that means only our team can see them. Sure, that makes us warm and fuzzy inside, but….

Reviews out on the Internet where the general public can see them helps to bring us new customers, so this seemed like the normal approach for dealing with the situation. The question I was asking myself was, “He already knows what to do with customer reviews, so why he was asking me?”

I asked him the same question and he said, “Matt, this is a review of GlowHost, by me,” and “it’s kind of a review, but kind of not.” Needless to say, it took me by surprise because I have never had a review of the company from a staff member’s perspective, and I have to say, just the thought of reading it made me a little nervous…
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GlowHost Sponsors HostReview’s Annual Awards Nomination 2010 – Nominate us Today, Win an iPod Touch!

Are you ready to nominate and vote GlowHost as your favorite web hosting company? GlowHost is proud to sponsor’s fifth “Best of the Year Awards” with the opening of nominations for the Readers’ Choice Awards 2010. The Annual Web Hosting Awards is a chance for web hosting companies to receive acclaim as an innovator, be recognized by industry peers and customers, and be honored as a leader with outstanding contribution to the industry. We think we meet the criteria, but we want to know what you think.

The entry for the 2010 competition opened November 15th, allowing HostReview’s website visitors to nominate their favorite hosting providers for the Readers’ Choice Award 2010. Now it’s your turn to nominate GlowHost, plus you can win a new iPod Touch. All GlowHost customers or anyone who loves us are now invited to nominate GlowHost (you love us, right?) for the Readers’ Choice Award by visiting

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