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The Difference between Static and Dedicated IPs

Today I would like to outline the difference between two IP variations: static and dedicated IPs. An IP address is a unique numerical (or alpha-numerical for IPv6) identifier for each device connected to a network. This includes computers, printers, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart devices and more.

Static IP

Static IPs and dynamic IPs are used by ISPs (Internet Servers Providers). Each time you start surfing the Internet or connect to Wi-Fi, your device (PC/laptop/tablet/phone) identifies itself in the worldwide network using an IP address that your ISP has provided you with. You can even find the location of this IP address using special tools, like  The location reported here is usually the geographic location that the IP address was registered, but the user can be miles away from that location. By the way, you can find out your current IP address at our website.
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Everyone in Hosting is Reselling

Recently one of our customers asked us if we are just reselling hosting services or if we are a standalone hosting provider. I thought to myself, “There’s not much to think about, of course we are a standalone hosting provider!”  I am pretty sure that is what every support member at GlowHost would answer as well. And then I got to thinking… Continue reading