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How to Prevent your Website from Being Hacked

Hackers and cyber criminals commonly target websites with vulnerabilities. If you’re using a weak password, third party applications that aren’t up to date, or old and un-updated anti-virus software, you are making your website vulnerable to vicious hacker attacks. Keeping your website secure against harmful intrusions and hacker attacks means more than installing traditional firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Being proactive and taking preventive measures is the best way to fight hacking and have a safe website on the Internet.

What most website owners don’t realize is that it only takes a few simple steps to ensure a higher level of security for their websites. None of these steps are hard to follow and do not require any special software or programming knowledge, but they are absolutely essential in helping you prevent your website from being hacked. These anti-hacking methods are general enough and can be applied to any size website, be it a large online store or a small informational website.

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