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Required Domain Registration Transfer – Trick or Treat?

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You’ve been in business for almost one year, and now it’s time to renew your domain name. Your website looks fantastic and it’s helping to build your business, but you’re not completely satisfied with your web hosting provider. As you search for the best web hosting company for your needs, you find one that requires you to transfer your domain name registration as well for a small fee. Is transferring the domain registration really necessary – or is this just a trick? Continue reading

Let the online world find you with GlowHost’s domain registration services

If you’re looking to register domain names for your business, service, product, or brand for local and global markets, there is nothing easier than registering your domain with GlowHost. At GlowHost we offer secure and reliable domain registration services to help you get the domain you want, fast. With easy-to-use domain registration and account management tools, GlowHost makes it easy and inexpensive to register a web address, transfer your domains, or setup your own domain name reseller accounts.

In conjunction with our domain registration division site, InstaPro.net, GlowHost can offer affordable domain names at discounted prices. You can get your domains registered for only $1.99 when you order any non-domain product from InstaPro.net. Sounds like a good deal, right? We think so. Amazingly simple, affordable and reliable domain search, registration and management make our domain registration service one of the best deals available today.

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