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Learn Everything about Cloud Hosting Services in GlowHost’s New Technical Paper

Click to Download the GlowHost Cloud Hosting Technical PaperCloud computing is the hip new term that everybody in the IT industry seems to be talking about. Harnessing the immense power of large server clusters, cloud computing promises to change how we make information available on the Internet and the way we consume it. From always connected smartphones to instant content streaming, cloud technology enables a wave of new applications that make our lives better.

High performance web hosting is another area where cloud servers set the foundation for radical improvements. Nevertheless, as with any revolutionary technology, there is a fair amount of confusion about what exactly a cloud hosting solution is and how it’s different from conventional hosting technologies. Adding to the confusion, some providers mislabel their classic hosting solutions as cloud hosting, trying to influence less informed customers into buying their services. To help potential clients understand the difference between a genuine cloud hosting service and lower-grade mislabeled solutions, GlowHost has published an in-depth technical paper that explains what cloud hosting is and how it’s better than any other type of hosting.

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