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Build My Own Website

Build My Own Website

Have you asked the yourself the question “Should I build my own website?”

DIY website design sources are everywhere these days, and often the results look decent. So why shouldn’t you do it yourself, save your company some money, and use a cookie-cutter form for your website? The simple answer is that outsourcing web design to design professionals gives you the best web design possible.

If you want an engaging, easily accessed website with the best web design, as well as cheap web hosting services, you’re better off outsourcing your web design projects to the professionals. The best web hosting company for your business is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, at a lower cost than a web site builder service, and the benefits of outsourcing are well worth it.


Under “the best web design” one would consider interactive and unique designs. Because your business is like no other, your website should stand out from your competitors. When you use cheap or free DIY web design generators, you are using the same tools as everyone else. If you can afford to outsource your web design project, then you have already grown past the majority of businesses. You can afford a superior, original product that will stand out in the crowd. Since a huge amount of shopping and research is now completed online, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Hiring a professional designer ensures your business is properly represented through its website. Rather than just uploading a few images into an existing form, outsourcing web design projects allows professionals to make a website that represents your business from the outline up. These professionals can create designs, layouts, and forms that best suit your business’s style and product. Remember, in this age of multichannel selling, it’s essential to provide the same experience for customers across the board.


When you outsource your web design service it generally means your hosting services will cost less, especially over the the long run. DIY web site services usually have much higher hosting fees than a traditional web site host like GlowHost. What’s more, when you outsource the design to a professional, you will be able to choose a web host from a huge variety of hosts compared to when you use a site builder, you are forced to use their hosting service. If their hosting service is no good, then what? Having a professionally built site and choosing a good web hosting company will almost always result in better service and price.

Designing a website can be fun and exciting, but you get the best product from a professional. Outsourcing web design work produces original work rather than cookie-cutter websites. Outsourcing gives you a website that accurately represents your business and creates a seamless experience. Letting professionals handle the work of putting together your website allows you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your business. Why take on an extra responsibility when a professional could give you a superior product instead?

Redundant Cloud Servers Are Amazing!

If you have ever lost data due to a crashed server or a fried hard drive, then you know that it can feel like the world is coming to an end – all that work for nothing! Luckily, when data or files are saved in a “true” cloud server from GlowHost, the data should always be retrievable due to the data being replicated no less than four times on no less than four different drives. Redundant cloud servers not only mean that your data is stored in more than one location, it also means that your site and databases run on multiple dedicated servers at the same time which creates even more of a safety net.  If one server goes offline, the others pick up where it left off, resulting in 100% to five-nines uptime (99.999% – which is 5 minutes or less per year!)

GlowHost’s redundant cloud services offer a huge amount of protection for your website. If you go with Enterprise Cloud Hosting, you can be assured of some pretty nifty benefits.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Have you ever logged onto a website only to receive the “server down” error message? With GlowHost’s redundant cloud servers, this is virtually impossible. There are a huge number of safety nets in place, involving two different power grids as well as backup generators. What this means for you is that no matter what, your website will keep going strong.

Not only will your site keep going, but it will go fast. Unlike other so-called “cloud” hosting options which typically rely on just one machine, cloud hosting at GlowHost means that a bunch of different machines are working in tandem to power your site. With so many resources, you are guaranteed greater speed and better performance. This model also means that it’s really simple to add more space, allowing your website to grow and expand with ease. With traditional servers, if you wanted to add more space, you would have to power down the physical machine and add larger hard drives to it. With our cloud you can add space to your cloud server in real time, without so much as a reboot in most cases.

Choosing the Right Cloud Server Option

If you have a smaller business or website, GlowHost offers a Cloud Virtual Dedicated Server, which is one of the best web hosting options for those users who want to be able to grow their website with ease while keeping all data safely stored in multiple locations. This option allows for the fastest, most flexible hosting at a reasonable price point, perfect for those who are looking to expand in the future. Meanwhile, GlowHost’s management experts will take care of everything complicated behind the scenes.

For larger companies or websites that have their own IT staff to help manage things, Enterprise Cloud Hosting may be the best web hosting option, exactly what many have been looking for. Not only does it include all the benefits of standard cloud hosting, but it gives you the power to customize it in all aspects. GlowHost’s management team can be considered an extension of your in-house team and are available 24/7/365 in real time.  This option is for those who have already made it to the big leagues, who absolutely cannot have their site go down for any reason. For the peace of mind and ease of usability that come with it, it’s totally worth it.