Learn Everything about Cloud Hosting Services in GlowHost’s New Technical Paper

Click to Download the GlowHost Cloud Hosting Technical PaperCloud computing is the hip new term that everybody in the IT industry seems to be talking about. Harnessing the immense power of large server clusters, cloud computing promises to change how we make information available on the Internet and the way we consume it. From always connected smartphones to instant content streaming, cloud technology enables a wave of new applications that make our lives better.

High performance web hosting is another area where cloud servers set the foundation for radical improvements. Nevertheless, as with any revolutionary technology, there is a fair amount of confusion about what exactly a cloud hosting solution is and how it’s different from conventional hosting technologies. Adding to the confusion, some providers mislabel their classic hosting solutions as cloud hosting, trying to influence less informed customers into buying their services. To help potential clients understand the difference between a genuine cloud hosting service and lower-grade mislabeled solutions, GlowHost has published an in-depth technical paper that explains what cloud hosting is and how it’s better than any other type of hosting.

What characteristics differentiate cloud hosting solutions from conventional hosting services?

Titled The Cloud Hosting Revolution: Learn How to Cut Costs and Eliminate Downtime with GlowHost’s Cloud Hosting Services, the technical paper gives a clear definition of cloud hosting to help prospective buyers make an educated decision about purchasing their next hosting solution.

After explaining what the cloud is and how it functions, GlowHost’s paper goes on to highlight the characteristics that make cloud servers a superior web hosting technology. Unlike dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosting solutions, cloud hosting provides true High Availability. High Availability, or HA, is defined as an uptime to downtime ratio of more than 99.999%. To put this figure in context, 99.999% uptime means that GlowHost guarantees a maximum of 5.26 minutes of downtime in a year.

Other advantages of the cloud hosting solutions offered by GlowHost are flexibility and scalability. The recently published technical paper explains in detail how virtual machines hosted in the cloud can instantly be scaled when required, ensuring that web sites and applications receive sufficient resources to work in optimal conditions. The flexibility of the cloud also enables providers to offer cloud hosting services at affordable prices. Thanks to the ability to allocate resources on the fly, cloud hosting solutions are much more efficient than dedicated servers or VPS. In turn, the low resource consumption allows providers to keep the cloud hosting service at lower prices than conventional solutions.

GlowHost offers genuine High Availability cloud servers powered by a unique infrastructure

In order to be viable, cloud hosting solutions require state-of-the-art infrastructure. Despite their claims, few hosting providers can ensure true High Availability. In the recently published technical paper you can learn about the High Availability cloud servers and the unique hosting infrastructure that sets GlowHost apart from all other hosting providers.

GlowHost is one of a small handful of cloud hosting service providers whose data center is serviced by two electrical feeds from geographically distinct substations. In fact, all devices on the GlowHost Cloud are connected to dual electrical services so it is not just the data center itself that is redundant. Even if other providers claim that they offer full power redundancy, only GlowHost can back its claims with hard, actual facts. If one line is interrupted, GlowHost’s data center will still receive power from the other line, uninterrupted. In the unlikely scenario of losing power from both lines, an impressive array of high-capacity UPS and generators kicks in and sustains the data center until the power is restored.

The technical paper goes on to explain the other technical aspects that set GlowHost apart from competitors. Redundant cooling, multiple network connections, and a high-capacity storage area network are just as important as redundant power supplies – GlowHost has them all. Download the paper today to see how GlowHost employs the most advanced technology to ensure High Availability for your cloud hosting solution.

Find out if cloud hosting is a suitable solution for your needs

Another major benefit of GlowHost cloud hosting services is affordability. A cloud server lets you generate real savings, especially if you plan to migrate from an in-house hosting solution. The economies can be tremendous – the cost of using any pre-configured cloud solution from GlowHost for an entire year is lower than the costs for the first month of in-house hosting.

If you are still not sure that cloud hosting is the appropriate choice for your hosting needs, GlowHost’s technical paper can help you make an informed decision. The paper contains a set of questions that you can answer to determine if cloud hosting is a good choice for your requirements. Take a moment to answer the questions before settling for a hosting service.

No matter what you choose, GlowHost is prepared to help you make the most out of your hosting solution. To learn more about GlowHost’s new cloud hosting services, or to order a cloud hosting plan, please call 1-888-293-4678 or visit http://glowhost.com/hosting/cloud-servers/.