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Andrew Gladio is a guy that can answer virtually any question about GlowHost.

PHP 7 Web Hosting

We are happy to announce that PHP 7 is now available on all (without exception) packages GlowHost offers, including shared, reseller, cloud, semi-dedicated, and dedicated servers!


This is great news because the GlowHost team has been looking forward to the release of the newest PHP version for quite some time. The key to PHP 7’s success here is performance! Zend Technologies claims that this new version is the most important change since 2004, when PHP 5 appeared. For those who think that was a few years ago – guess again. 12 years have passed already!

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Training SpamAssassin.

Keep Calm and Train SpamAssassin


Everyone receives a different and personal variety of spam which is unique to their particular inbox. That means that SpamAssassin can’t catch everything 100% of the time on its own.

In the event that you receive large amounts of spam,¬†sometimes the usual rules that SpamAssassin applies during the process of scoring the email doesn’t always work as well as you would like it to. You can train SpamAssassin to become better at recognizing spam that is unique to your particular situation.

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