What Makes Elastic Hosting Better than VPS?

When choosing the best web hosting plan for your site, elastic hosting offers many benefits over VPS hosting. Simply put, elastic hosting is quickly becoming the next generation hosting model because it can take care of all your site’s needs, while also cutting your costs. To help you better understand what makes elastic hosting better than VPS, here is a quick look at everything you need to know, starting with a look at the major differences between the two.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS (virtual private server) hosting ensures your website is hosted on a virtual private server. It has its own copy of the operating system, powerful hardware, and allocated server resources. Essentially, a physical machine is divided into different virtual compartments. Separate server software is set up in each compartment, ensuring the unit is able to function independently.

While VPS hosting does have its benefits, such as customization and root access, it is also expensive, requiring you to buy software licenses. More importantly, you are responsible for handling installation and configuration, as well as managing the site. This means that either you have to manage the server yourself, which requires time, effort, and knowledge or hire someone to manage the server for you. This tends to get expensive. In fact, managed VPS hosting tends to cost anywhere from 8 to 10 times more than a shared hosting plan.

What is Elastic Hosting?

Similar to a shared hosting site, elastic hosting allows for multiple websites to be hosted on the same shared web server. However, it offers the reliability and resources of a managed VPS, such as dedicated resources for RAM, CPU, and connections. Each site is kept completely isolated from the others in a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE). The LVE distributes and limits server resources to ensure stability. No customer can use more than they have been allocated, meaning the shared server should never go down.

To sum it up, elastic hosting offers the resources of shared hosting without the sharing, while also allowing you access to the resources you absolutely need without being burdened with the responsibilities of a VPS. Every site has its own environment and dedicated resources to ensure it is never negatively impacted by others using the server. The server is managed by the host and is easily automated. Though it may be a bit more costly than an unmanaged VPS, it costs significantly less than a managed VPS. Best of all, you will not have to deal with all the headaches that often come with server management.

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Build My Own Website

Build My Own Website

Have you asked the yourself the question “Should I build my own website?”

DIY website design sources are everywhere these days, and often the results look decent. So why shouldn’t you do it yourself, save your company some money, and use a cookie-cutter form for your website? The simple answer is that outsourcing web design to design professionals gives you the best web design possible.

If you want an engaging, easily accessed website with the best web design, as well as cheap web hosting services, you’re better off outsourcing your web design projects to the professionals. The best web hosting company for your business is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, at a lower cost than a web site builder service, and the benefits of outsourcing are well worth it.


Interactive and unique designs are often considered the best web design. Because your business is like no other, your website should stand out from your competitors. When you use cheap or free DIY web design generators, you are using the same tools as everyone else. If you can afford to outsource your web design project, then you have already grown past the majority of businesses that have to use DIY web design products. You can afford a superior, original product that will stand out in the crowd. Since a huge amount of shopping and research is now completed online, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Hiring a professional designer ensures your business is properly represented through its website. Rather than just uploading a few images into an existing form, outsourcing web design projects allows professionals to make a website that represents your business from the outline up. These professionals can create designs, layouts, and forms that best suit your business’s style and product. Remember, in this age of multichannel selling, it’s essential to provide the same experience for customers across the board.


When you outsource your web design service it generally means your hosting services will cost less, especially over the the long run. DIY web site services usually have much higher hosting fees than a traditional web site host like GlowHost. What’s more, when you outsource the design to a professional, you will be able to choose a web host from a huge variety of hosts compared to when you use a site builder, you are forced to use their hosting service. If their hosting service is no good, then what? Having a professionally built site and choosing a good web hosting company will almost always result in better service and price.

Designing a website can be fun and exciting, but you get the best product from a professional. Outsourcing web design work produces original work rather than cookie-cutter websites. Outsourcing gives you a website that accurately represents your business and creates a seamless experience. Letting professionals handle the work of putting together your website allows you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your business. Why take on an extra responsibility when a professional could give you a superior product instead?