Peak Loading Speeds and You

Rush hour can be a nightmare, don’t you agree? The bane of many commuter’s existence, rush hour can turn a 20 minute drive into an hour long wait-fest. These times plague the streets and highways with congestion that slows everything down, no matter if you’re in a big rig or our sweet Lamborghini. Did you know this happens on the Internet also?

Loading speeds can be like road congestion

This is known as Internet Rush Hour. Internet Rush Hour occurs during the times when most people use the internet simultaneously which is 7-9PM during the week and we can’t forget about the weekend! Weekend speeds can be affected from 11AM to 11PM or even further extended hours. During these times, users commonly experience slow loading speeds usually for just browsing sites. This is especially true for media streaming sites.

During these times of gridlock, who is to blame? The end users who is driving their cars trying to get from point A to point B? Nope. The destinations, anxiously awaiting for the patrons to arrive and be served? Try again. The answer is the roads or, in this case, the Internet’s infrastructure.

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GlowHost Lamborghini at HostingCon 2014: behind the scenes

We all miss HostingCon 2014 that took place in Miami this year. It was awesome. GlowHost offered a free taxi service for our valued customers, possible customers, friends and whoever else was lucky enough to grab a ride in this awesome ride.

Now it is time to share the process of how we transformed an orange Lamborghini Aventador into a fully customized and exotic GlowMobile.GlowHost Lamborghini

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Pros and Cons of Parallax Scrolling Websites

Websites sure have changed over the years. Now, the average internet user is more picky and demanding than ever before. We are accustomed to beautiful graphics, high-resolution images and sophisticated designer approaches. Thus, in order to succeed in gaining maximum attention, website creators come up with refined visual and technical tricks aimed to attract website visitors. One of these tricks is called Parallax Scrolling.

Parallax Scrolling: Basics

Parallax Scrolling is a recently presented technique which allows the creation of extremely engaging and popping websites. It is a graphical effect that takes place when background images in perspective are moving slower than the elements located in the foreground sceneĀ giving the user a sense of depth and motion. The technique was created in 2011 with engagement of HTML5 and CSS3. This method has also been used in video gaming for quite some time.


While ordinary websites consist of numerous pages, in a Parallax design everything can be found in one modern, beautifully organized page. Navigation in Parallax websites, apart from scrolling down the page, can also be achieved by clicking on links distributed along the site. The links will then automatically shift you through the page to the section you requested.

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling

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