WHMCS and You

Do you wish there was an easy solution to create invoices, use recurring billing, provide support and otherwise deal with your hosted clients? There is – WHMCS. WHMCS is a fully templated, easily customizable, automated solution for hosting & domain management, support, billing, statistics and more.

whmcsWHMCS is something of a “one-stop shop” that will provide the interfacing between yourself and your hosted clients in a multifaceted way. Combine WHMCS with our Reseller plans (some even include it at a discounted rate or even free!) to get your very own web hosting company off the ground quickly. Let’s cover a bit of the many great features this suite brings to the table.


WHMCS allows you to send your clients high quality professional looking invoices. It also sends payment reminders, new invoices, quotes and more all in your own design. It’s also integrated with over 75 different payment gateways out of the box. WHMCS supports multiple gateways used concurrently, and integrated for fully automated payment processing, payment confirmations & refunds. Taking payments is now easier than ever, especially when paired with our free-setup merchant accounts!


From a ticket system with social integration to a complete network status system, WHMCS is all you need to offer support to your clients. It supports email piping to generate tickets from emails, attachments to transfer files to and from your clients, and even a pre-sales contact form to help seal the deal.

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Email Blacklists – Cause, Effect and Prevention

‎The GlowHost Support Team faces tons of different issues that can affect our customers every day. When a fix is not readily available, we have to invent new methods and use creative solutions to solve difficult problems, instead of having fun by spending our time at the beach. One of these tricky problems is the useful, but problematic thing known as an email blacklist.

Solving complex tasks is not only our job but we enjoy doing it, and we hope our customers are satisfied with results we provide. By the way, you can share your feedback, or read what others have to say here. Truth be told, even negative feedback is appreciated (the constructive kind, not the destructive kind… the latter just hurts our feelings and doesn’t really help anyone), because it is valuable for our team and management to understand what went wrong, and how we can make it better for next time.

hack, spam, money, email, blacklist

Anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about, which is arguably the most annoying issue we’ve had over the years where sometimes our shared servers were getting blacklisted because they were identified as a spam source. Our lead admins have had enough of begging the blacklist providers for assistance, because getting a response from such providers is either slow, or non-existent. They finally said “Something’s gotta change” and decided to take a much more pro-active stance on the issue because our re-active stance was not solving the problem. Continue reading